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PVC Cone

PolyFab provides:

PVC cones for protein skimmers, architectural and trade show displays, light diffusers, funnels, tanks, hoods, shrouds, duct transitions and many other applications.

We make clear and opaque cones in any thermo-formable material. The size is limited only by our shop door.

We fabricate clear cones primarily from acrylic, clear PVC, LEXAN® (polycarbonate), and PETG and we fabricate opaque cones in PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene ABS, Kynar® (PVDF) and any other plastics that can be thermoformed.

The cones can be symmetrical, or offset. If you can draw it, we can probably make it.

Click here to see how to fabricate a plastic cone. A useful Excel calculator, diagrams, photos... and more!

PVC Cone Examples

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Industrial Cones

We make cones for industrial customers with materials selected to be compatible with your environment. These cones are formed at any angle and then seamed. We mount them to your design. We mount flanges, bases , gussets and various threaded and flanged fittings to the cones per your design.