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Privacy Policy Acrylic Sheet Forming

Boston Plastics Manufacturing, Inc. (PolyFab) understands that the security of your personal information is important to you. We also understand that our continued Acrylic Sheet Forming success relies on our ability to offer plastic fabrication services and advice to you in a secure manner.
All email transmissions are considered critical to our continued growth. To this end, we do not sell or trade any email addresses or other client information.

 Acrylic Sheet Forming

Acrylic Sheet Forming

We provide information, photos, links, and Acrylic Sheet Forming tools on this web site but do not provide access to customer information such as drawings, financial data, or any other customer information.
For those customers who request it, we participate in confidentiality agreements, so long as they are reciprocal, i.e. the customer also protects our proprietary information on the same basis that they request of us.

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