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Marine Plastic Fabrication

PolyFab provides:

Custom Marine Plastic Fabrication fresh water and waste tanks of all shapes including curved sides to maximize volume. We understand the two main limitations for marine tanks: Utilize the available space, and make a tank that can be installed without removing major pieces of the cabin. We work from your drawings or you plywood mockup to make sure it fits. Our other custom fabrications have included refrigerator liners, a mounting plate for an engine compartment exhaust fan, curved doors fabricated from smoked acrylic, and starboard lockers. We have also fabricated acrylic hatches, sometimes using your cracked hatch as a form for molding.

The most common tank material is natural polypro. It is chemically inert and its physical properties facilitate high quality welds. We do not offer any fuel tanks.

Marine Tanks:

  • Fresh water tanks
  • Black water holding tanks
  • Refrigerator liners
  • Gallery cabinets
  • Seaboard and Starboard lockers and boxes
  • Formed hatches

Marine Applications Examples

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