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Lexan Water Baths Polycarbonate Sheet Bending

We provide Lexan (polycarbonate) water baths of any size. Smaller baths are usually bonded together with a 2 part urethane adhesive, and larger baths (length over about 24 inches) are often welded. The Polycarbonate Sheet Bending weld is stronger, but does not look as neat as the bonded tank. Features such as tank flanges, legs and sloping bottoms are fabricated to your spec. Our engineers or fabricators can provide design guidance on any aspect of a polycarbonate tank or water bath. We machine any fittings required from polycarbonate rod or sheet using Polycarbonate Sheet Bending. Data can be provided on the strength of both the bonding and the welding.

 Polycarbonate Sheet Bending

Polycarbonate Sheet Bending

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