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Large Graduated Cylinders 1 L Graduated Cylinder

PolyFab provides:

Custom graduated cylinders , including 1 L Graduated Cylinder, with all the fittings and features you need to simplify your application. We work with clear PVC, LEXAN® (polycarbonate), and acrylic to meet your requirements. We help you select materials to meet your requirements for price, chemical compatability, temperature and configuration. Acrylic offers the greatest range of sizes in cast tubes and is the clearest material. Most 1 L Graduated Cylinder acrylic fittings must be machined which adds to the cost of the graduated cylinder. Clear PVC pipe is very resistant to acids and bases and is more resistant to impact than acrylic. Clear PVC pipe is available up to 12 inches in diameter. The full range of PVC fittings can be bonded or welded to the pipe. Polycarbonate is the most resistant to impact but fittings must be machined.

We offer dished bottoms that give complete drainage, and your choice of bottom fitting including a flange, a pipe thread or a hose barb. We can also machine a sanitary triclamp fitting if required or cement in a stainless steel triclamp fitting. The cylinders can be open with an optional pouring spout or covered with a bolt-on cover with fittings. The calibration scale is adjusted by filling the cylinder volume using a reference polypropylene graduated cylinder which meets accuracy requirements of ASTM Class B, E1272, "Cylinder, Graduated, Laboratory, Glass" and all requirements of ISO Standard 6706 "Plastic Laboratory Ware-Graduated Measuring Cylinders."

 1 L Graduated Cylinder

1 L Graduated Cylinder

Features have included:

  • Flanges for bolting valves to the cylinder
  • Threaded fittings
  • O-ring fittings
  • Pour spouts
  • Extra wide bases
  • Graduations starting with zero at the top
  • Very large characters
  • Covers with and without fittings

Large Graduated Cylinder Examples

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