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A full range of Custom Polypropylene Tanks including cylindrical tanks, rectangular tanks, sloping bottom tanks, and cone bottom tanks. Our custom polypropylene tanks can be made in our shop in any size up to 9 feet wide by 9 feet tall. Bigger tanks must be assembled on site. We also fabricate custom HDPE and PVC tanks built to your design. We have the lathes, milling machines, and CNC routers combined with butt welding and hand extruding equipment to give you a complete product.

Rectangular custom polypropylene tanks require girths to support the walls of the tank. Small tanks can use thick walls or plastic girths but larger tanks usually need steel girths. We can help you with the design of the girths including the steel shape to use, the number of girths and the vertical position of the girths. Other features of custom polypropylene tank include special overflows, mixer supports, and dust collectors for dry materials. We also offer secondary containment custom polypropylene tanks to hold your storage tanks.

 Custom Polypropylene Tanks

Custom Polypropylene Tanks

Polypropylene is the material of choice when you need good tolerance to both acids and bases, and have an operating temperature less than 200F. Polypropylene is not a good choice with most organic solvents. Check a chemical compatability source such as Cole-Parmer to determine if a custom polypropylene tank is right for your application.

The most important reasons to choose a custom polypropylene tank are that we can make it to any shape you need, and that polypropylene has good resistance to many chemicals. To solve a unique customer problem we lined the entire floor of a water treatment room with polypropylene and then welded a berm (wall) all around the inside of the room to create a large volume shallow tank. We have also fabricated long (25 feet) shallow trays to go under washing lines for a medical implant manufacturer, and built large shallow polypropylene fish tanks on site in Princeton, NJ. If the tank is too big to ship, or too big to take through the doors where it will be installed, we can finish the fabrication on site. Our engineers will help you get the custom polypropylene tank you need installed where you need it.

Polypropylene, like all other plastics, loses strength as it gets hotter, so it is important to consider the operating temperature when the tank is being designed.

Plastic tanks fabricated from sheet stock using polypro, HDPE, PVC, Kynar® (PVDF) or other weldable plastics.

Industrial Tanks:

  • Rectangular shapes using steel or plastic girths as required
  • Cylindrical tanks
  • Double wall tanks

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