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Water Treatment HDPE Cylinder

PolyFab provides:

A full range of Polypro, HDPE and PVC fabrications built to your design, including HDPE Cylinder. We have the lathes, milling machines, and a CNC router combined with welding and hand extruding equipment to give you a complete product.

We fabricate specialty HDPE Cylinder fittings such as a 12' diameter flanged spool piece to hold a mixer level on a domed-top tank. You design it, we build it.

Whether you need a long narrow secondary containment tank, or a metering pump stand for 6 pumps, we can help.

Water Treatment:

 HDPE Cylinder

HDPE Cylinder

  • rectangular tanks with steel girths as required
  • rolled cylindrical tanks
  • floors for secondary containment of chemicals and waste concentrates
  • tank stands
  • metering pump stands and shelves
  • Installed HDPE welded fittings in tanks molded by others

Water Treatment Application Examples

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