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Applications Overview | Industrial Plastic Fabrications Industrial Plastic Fabrications

Polyfab serves customers who need the unique characteristics of plastics
to solve their design problems.


Architectural customers need unique shapes and want special light transmission. Acrylic is usually chosen for clarity or special colors. Polycarbonate is chosen when impact strength is an additional requirement.  Polypro is good when translucence is combined with moderate flexibility.



Industrial Plastic Fabrications Laboratory customers often need to combine the clarity of plastics with chemical resistance.
Clear plastics let laboratory personnel see what is going on inside a vessel  to observe mixing or flow patterns, or they may have special measurement requirements with graduated cylinders.


Water treatment

Plastics are chosen for water treatment because of chemical resistance and operating temperature.  The most common are polypro, PVC and HDPE, but there are many other plastics available.



Polyfab makes marine water and waste holding tanks from polypro. We also form Industrial Plastic Fabrications for hatch covers and wind screens using tinted acrylic.


Air Handling

Polyfab makes large ducts, hoods and custom fittings from PVC, CPVC, polypro, HDPE and PVDF

 Industrial Plastic Fabrications

Industrial Plastic Fabrications

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