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Laboratory Graduated Cylinder

PolyFab provides:

Clear custom cylinders, cones and flat-sided assemblies to solve one-off problems. Laboratory customers often contact us either to see what is happening inside a vessel, or because light is important to the process inside. Our products are used for Graduated Cylinder, waterbaths, chemical mixing stations, shrouds, splash guards, gravity separators and clarifiers, air handling systems, etc. We can help you select the best material to meet your cost and performance goals. The materials most frequently selected are LEXAN® (polycarbonate), clear PVC, acrylic and PETG. Large cylindrical , Graduated Cylinder pieces require both a mold and a fixture for cementing or welding. Large polycatbonate cylinders are normally fabricated with a 2 piece mold to control dimensions.


 Graduated Cylinder

Graduated Cylinder

  • Graduated cylinders
  • Water baths
  • Special tanks
  • Splash guards
  • Glassware racks
  • Specialty apparatus

Laboratory Application Examples

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