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Nine Liter Graduated Cylinder
with dual units 9L Graduated Cylinder


Polyfab offers a 9 liter graduated cylinder fabricated from clear PVC with a gray PVC bottom. The OD of the cylinder is 6-5/8 inches (168 mm) and the overall height is 20 inches (508 mm). The graduations are spaced at 100 ml increments.

The cylinder has a US gallon capacity of 2.5 gallons with graduations spaced at 1/10 gallon increments.

A pouring spout is standard.

The graduation marks are engraved into the cylinder so they will be legible for the life of the product. This means there is no chance of wearing the engraving off.

This product is not to be used for liquids above 140F.  Consult your chemical compatibility table to insure this is the right product for you. PVC is normally not recommended for organic solvents or petroleum fuels.


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9 Liter Graduated Cylinder Example

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